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Mysterious recovery (12th Dec 22 at 3:13am UTC)
Mysterious recovery
"It's not easy to survive. I was almost killed in my sleep. You can't imagine that nightmare. The evil ghost that appears around you all the time, as long as you are killed by that thing, you are really dead. But fortunately, I woke up. Hey, the fierce ghost recovered unexpectedly and saved me." The man in the cap took one look at Yang Jian and gave a self-deprecating smile: "You are very special. Of the three people, even if you survive the most easily, and even the ghost crying in the grave is suppressed. This is not something that a new person can do. That Xu Feng is wrong. What's your name?"? Do you mind if I meet you? "Yang Jian, the international ghost controller of Dachang City." Yang said calmly. Their own information is easy to check, and there is no need to hide it. My name is Lin Bei. I'm a student at the Buddhist Institute. Although I haven't graduated, I'm barely a monk. The man named Lin Bei said. Yang Jian stared at him and said, "What about the ghost that haunts you?" "I don't know." Lin Bei touched his bald head and said, "Maybe the next attack will be carried out on me after I fall asleep. Maybe I give up my goal. Maybe I go back to this bus. That thing has no entity. It seems that I can fall asleep. But I am unlucky. It happens that the way I resist the attack of the fierce ghost is to sleep." "When I fall asleep, I will be in a special state, in which I am very safe, and now it seems that not all situations are useful." "It seems that now is not the time to say these words. There is no absolute safety in front of the fierce ghost, even in the car." Yang Jian looked out of the window as he spoke. He saw that the mummified bride was still there, as if there was no movement, and the withered palm was still holding the dead body of Zhang Hao, standing across the road like a couple. Look at this. This damn thing is not going to get on the bus again. If that's the case,cosmetic packaging wholesale, that's good news. But then he found that Xu Feng's body was missing, and he was still lying next to it. You almost killed me just now. Xu Feng's gnashing voice sounded, he did not know when to run to the side of the bus, and then immediately rushed to get on the bus. This is not dead? Yang was stunned when he saw him. You've been holding the mummified bride for three minutes, and you haven't been killed by that thing? It's a hard life. You can't say that. In that case, it's already a dead end. I'm just trying to save myself. If you don't stop the ghost around Zhang Hao's body, do you think you'll have a chance to get back to the car alive? Yang's face was calm and his eyes looked at him with some hostility. Your corpse is a very special item, but it's a pity to protect yourself. It's the most suitable for suppressing ghosts, and this time it's for you to suppress female ghosts, which should not be a loss for you. Xu Feng glared and said, 30ml dropper bottle ,Serum Bottle With Dropper, "You just want to kill me by the way. Suppressing ghosts is just an excuse." "So what if it is?" Yang Jian stared at him without any fear: "If you lie down, you will lie down quietly. Don't think about making trouble at random. If you just want to improve the survival rate, you will kill me. I am polite enough to you. If not on this bus, believe it or not, I will bury you ten thousand meters underground."? Let you lie down enough. He could see that Xu Feng's ability was very powerful in front of the fierce ghost, and his self-protection ability was very strong, stronger than that of Lin Bei. It's just that the weakness is obvious. Their self-protection ability is too strong, and they usually lack the means of active attack. Perhaps because of this, these two people have been able to survive on the bus, other people in the same batch, or earlier than them, have long been cold. Don't be complacent for too long. You're just lucky to survive this time. The ghost attacked us. Next time you're not sure. It's useless to be arrogant here. Living to the end is the winner. Xu Feng said coldly that he did not feel that there was anything wrong with his ability, but was glad that he had the ability to lie down and protect himself. I remember that the ghosts I knew before either died of the recovery of the fierce ghost or were inexplicably planted in some supernatural events, and the news of death came one by one.
He was the only one who worked as an international ghost catcher in Xiaochun City, dawdling and living until now. "I don't know how long I can live, but I can be sure that I will live longer than you, and you will know if you have a chance later." (End of this chapter) 316. No Chapter 316 passing graveyards. Chapter 316 the passing graveyard. Despite the experience of danger, but this time the flameout off the luck is still good, the three ghosts are alive back to the bus, the only bad luck is only as an ordinary person that Zhang Hao a few. Without any suspense, ordinary people are all dead, they do not have a little bit of self-protection ability, can not carry the attack of the fierce ghost there again and again. Outside, the mummified bride still led Zhang Hao across the road and did not leave. However, seeing that it had no other movements and did not get on the bus again, several people felt relieved. In addition, the bus restarted. Out of a partial understanding of the bus, they could also conclude that their current state should be safe. But after Xu Feng survived, the contradiction between him and Yang became deeper. But both of them knew very well that they had lost the best chance to kill each other. Yang's best chance is that he started when he was lying dead, just to stop Zhang Hao who was holding hands, he could only throw Xu Feng out instead of killing him. Xu Feng was afraid that Yang Jian could not hold up the flameout and get off the bus this time. He died after the recovery of the ghost, which aggravated the deterioration of the matter. He wanted to kill him with the help of the bus when the lights went out. And it failed. Yang Jian is too alert, and has the guard,Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale, such opportunity does not have next time. It has been five minutes since the bus turned on again. As soon as the five-minute time came, the front and back doors of the bus were open, but they all closed with a bang. The open glass window next to Lin Bei also closed itself at this moment.
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