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Zhibei Tour-Luoshui (9th Dec 22 at 12:52am UTC)
Chu Du's face was pale, his eyes were cold, and the veins on his forehead were beating gently, as if he would erupt in anger at any time. After a long silence, he finally calmed down and said coldly, "Do you have a way to turn back?"? Haven't you been paying the price? Go on, now you can sell out Arlo. "So you still care about her." I lightly tunnel, of course, I will not reveal the master's news to Childe Ying, just words to test, just want to determine the reason why Chu Du's heart swings. Only by grasping the opponent's weaknesses can we strike better. Childe Ying was a wise man. Seeing that I didn't want to talk any more, she said disappointedly, "Who hasn't paid the price to get to where I am today?"? Sometimes, I envy those who live at the bottom of the people, demons. They don't have too many choices, so they are calm and firm. "Do people always envy other people's choices?" I smiled bitterly. I am a beggar, or I am struggling to climb the throne of the Demon Lord, which one is more at ease? A monster came from the side of my body, licked my shoulder with a thick tongue, and the fishy juice dripped down. The flesh and blood of my shoulder melted immediately, revealing the white bones. The monster's tongue licked the shoulder bone like a knife cone, and the pain of bone erosion was indescribable. As the monster devoured the body, my body gradually became incomplete. Chu Du and Childe Ying, on the other hand,Inflatable mechanical bull, did not suffer less than I did, but they all looked calm, as if they were unaware of it. Brother Lin, have you ever regretted it? Childe Sakura suddenly asked, as if smoke and clouds were floating in her blue eyes. Can you regret it? I asked in reply. Even if it could, it wouldn't. Childe Sakura sighed softly. That's my answer, too. "Chu Du, what about you?" I whispered. Chu Du was silent for a while and said,Inflatable meltdown, "How do you choose to be used as a stepping stone or step on someone else?" I gladly said: "Or Chu Du said simply, you and I are not willing to be at the mercy of the role, naturally to fight hard." "Not bad." Childe Ying smiled sadly and said, "It doesn't make any sense to regret now.". At the end of the day, we are all people who love ourselves more than others. "This is not something we should consider, otherwise it will not be put into the magic hole." Chu Du's voice was as cold as a rock. In fact, the three of us all understand that since we have chosen, we must move forward without hesitation, even if we are crushed to pieces and miserable. The three of them looked at each other, and after a moment, we all saw the cold and firm in each other's eyes. The smoke in the bottom of my heart is like being swept away by the autumn wind. With a huge earthquake, countless devils screamed and roared, the brilliant whirlpool kept shrinking, and the devils flying all over the sky were sucked in one after another. The wounds of my whole body miraculously recovered, and my body was intact, leaving no trace of the devouring body. The magic cave is broken! With a long roar, I bowed to Childe Ying and Chu Du, inflatable bounce house with slide ,inflatable amusement park, "Thank you very much." Here, we are aware of each other's deep inner hesitation and confusion, but we have strengthened our own heart of Tao, and finally made Tianmo Magic Cave self-destruct. At this moment, what we get means that we will continue to lose and pay more. Thank you very much Chu Du guffaws: "From today on, God blocks and kills God, and Heaven blocks and kills Heaven!" "Who would have thought that the broken branches of the next year would be full of fragrant flowers of the past." Childe Ying sang in a graceful voice. "Thank you both," she said. The whirlpool of colored light condensed into a point and disappeared. Surrounded by sudden changes in the scenery, a magnificent ladder across the front, towering no end. In the meantime, the colorful clouds are floating and the rosy clouds are dancing, reflecting the brilliance of the ladder. Wu Yan, Sun Simiao and Longan Sparrow were standing at the foot of the ladder, looking up intently. On the ladder, the blue tide Ge flutters in white, the knife gas is vertical and horizontal, and is fighting with more than a dozen colorful strange beasts. Volume 18 of the main text Chapter 2 Sky Ladder Pengmen Volume 18 Chapter 2 Sky Ladder Pengmen Boy, why are you here now? Did a small bridge close to the end of the world kill you? He patted me on the shoulder with a smile. I shrugged my shoulders. "I can't learn to be a rascal like you, so I have to break in with my real ability." Wu Yan nodded solemnly: "I fully understand your sour feelings of jealousy, ha ha." I Hei Hei smiled: "It seems that simple-minded people do live a happier life.".
” "Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard," said Wu Yan lazily. "Who doesn't have something to worry about? The key is whether you can put it down. As the saying goes, a contented person is always happy. Can you do that? When I heard this, I was in a daze. In those days, for the sake of Hai Ji, I went to Luo Shengtian to try to rob the bride. I cut my face, but he didn't care. Such free and easy is pure nature, and no one can learn it. Wuyan pointed to the ladder and said, "Let me give you some advice about this country bumpkin.". This is the second pass leading to the Bodhi Courtyard, the Luofu Sky Ladder. There are six gates at the top of the ladder. Those who successfully reach the top can enter the gate and go directly to the third pass. Once someone succeeds in entering, the opposite door will be closed. Raised four fingers and shook his head: "So, only four of us can enter the third level." I wonder: "Since there are only four candidates, you should rush to the right, how to stand here and wait?" "Chu Du and Childe Ying haven't arrived yet," said Wu Yan. "So we're not in a hurry to climb the ladder. We're happy to watch Bi Chao Ge show his skills. Besides, there's a mystery hidden in the Louvre Ladder. You'll understand later. Blink mysteriously at me. I knew in my heart that everyone regarded Brother Bi as a pathfinder. Take a close look at the Luofu Sky Ladder, each step of the ladder is snow-white in color, and the material is neither stone nor jade, constantly spewing out dense clouds and mists. On the smooth surface of the steps, lifelike birds and animals, flowers, birds, fish and insects are carved. Swords, spears, monsters, goblins. The carved creature also came back to life and launched a stormy attack on him. These strange things are sealed in the Louvre ladder by the auspicious heaven. Wuyan said, "Once someone climbs the ladder and touches the ban, the seal will be automatically lifted." I look dignified, so step by step to climb the ladder, all the way to spend the magic power can be imagined. In the snow jade like knife awn, Bi Chao Ge falls into a heavy siege. Struggling to break up. Chu Du did not hesitate, a little tiptoe, shrink into an inch,inflatable water slide, a step across dozens of steps. The wind was howling, and a dark sword carved on the steps broke through the steps and flew out, shooting a dazzling black awn and cutting off his head.
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