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On both sides of love, the scenery is still in Mid (9th Dec 22 at 12:46am UTC)
Almost home, Li Mingrui finally said: "I have two things to say to you." After a pause, he looked at Zhao Qingxue and said, "First, I want to tell you that there is nothing between me and Huang Yajing.". She has always been a good friend of mine. When she was in the first year of high school, she often came to me to ask physics questions, and she liked to be lively and often called us to get together, so we all became friends. In fact, I will try my best to be friendly to my friends, and hope that the people around me will agree with me, and hope that they will be happy because of me, that's all. It was the same to send her home that time. In fact, there was nothing special about it. In my heart, she is the same as Wu Ying and Yao Feng. Zhao Qingxue was not surprised to hear him say this, because she didn't think there was anything between them. If there is, it's just that Huang Yajing is particularly good to Li Mingrui. But she suddenly wanted to ask Li Mingrui if he was a special one for him. Can never have the courage to ask, had to say: "Well." I see. "There's one more thing. Don't be angry if I say it." "Good." I don't think you did very well today. I asked you to come out and get together, and since you said yes, you should play with everyone. But you went to read alone, and then we went to the park together,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and you were anxious to go home. We are all familiar friends, and do not care about you, but if you are still like this in the future, we may not ask you to come out to play. Friends are still very important, and we should cherish them. I hope you can try to understand them. In fact, they are very easy to get along with, and they are very sincere to their friends. Li Mingrui finished looking at Zhao Qingxue,sonicator homogenizer, found that she seemed to be thinking about their own words, and did not look unhappy, relieved. Zhao Qingxue thought about Li Mingrui's words carefully, and then said, "I think you're right.". Maybe it's my fault today. I will pay more attention to integrating into everyone in the future. I actually like these friends. I'm happy to be with them. Otherwise, "Zhao Qingxue gritted his teeth," I'll just invite everyone to my house to get together. " "You must keep your word.". I'm just waiting to get together at your house. With that, Li Mingrui smiled, no longer difficult to understand, but the bright smile that Zhao Qingxue was familiar with. That's all right. But I have to discuss it with my parents first. Zhao Qingxue also smiled. When the problem was solved, Li Mingrui sent Zhao Qingxue home and went to find Wang Siqiang again. Just after the National Day holiday, back to school, Zhao Qingxue once again appreciated Li's charm and popularity. On October 5, as soon as Zhao Qingxue entered the classroom, Ultrasonic nano dispersion ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, he saw many exquisitely packaged gifts, large and small, on Li Mingrui's desk. Wang Siqiang and others were helping him to open them. While opening them, they also screamed a few times from time to time. Then they looked envious and exaggerated, which looked very funny. As soon as Zhao Qingxue reached her seat, several people screamed again, so she asked, "What's the matter?" "You don't know how charming our Li Mingrui is. The gift just now was given by a girl in the second year of junior high school." Yao Feng answered. No. How did the little girl know you? Zhao Qingxue asked. I don't know, I probably know. Li Mingrui thought about it and answered. Girls nowadays are so bold that they dare to give gifts to people they don't know. Zhao Qingxue said this is not derogatory, just a simple sigh. Li Mingrui looked up, looked at her with resentment, and said, "You think everyone is the same as you, and you don't know each other." 。 Zhao Qingxue knew that he was not really angry, just for fun. He just smiled and said nothing. Throughout the day, girls came one after another to give gifts. Zhao Qingxue couldn't help asking Li Mingrui at noon: "Why didn't any boy send it to you?" "Who said no, Yao Feng and Wang Siqiang had already sent it." "But there is no one else." "Boys don't pay attention to this, and giving birthday gifts is just a cover, which you should understand.". If you don't understand, think about it by yourself. I don't know when you'll come to your senses. Li Mingrui is going to sigh. He only blames himself for having no vision. He likes a person with such a low EQ.
Zhao Qingxue is not good to ask again, in fact, she also vaguely understand some emotional things, just too lazy to think too much, but also feel that some things do not understand better, so simply pretend to be confused. After school, Zhao Qingxue turned around and handed Li Mingrui a small box with a smile. Then he looked into his eyes and said earnestly, "Happy birthday!" Li Mingrui, surprised, took the gift with both hands and said with a smile, "I thought you wouldn't give me a gift.". That's great. Then he quickly opened the gift, which was a pen with a sapphire blue penholder. Li Mingrui looked around for a long time before he said: "Thank you, I like it." Embarrassed, Zhao Qingxue lowered her head and said, "I like the style of this pen very much, so I bought it for you. In fact, compared with the pile of valuable gifts you received today, it's really nothing." "But I really like it. I'll write with it tomorrow." "Well, since you like it, I'm relieved. Now I'm going home." "Uh-huh.". Let's go together. But you have to help me carry something. Li Mingrui put a pile of big and small things into Zhao Qingxue's arms with a wry smile. Then they went home together. Setbacks At the beginning of November, Zhao Qingxue experienced the first big exam of entering the third grade of senior high school, the mid-term exam of the first semester. But she did badly in the exam, and she was only ranked twenty-six in the class for no reason. Her big test scores have been in the top 15 since she was in high school, but this time she didn't even rank in the top 25. She was very sad when she got the result. But she didn't want to be too sad in front of her classmates, so she had to pretend that everything was all right. Finally, after school,ultrasonic extraction cbd, she quickly picked up her schoolbag, rushed out of the classroom first, and rode home at the fastest speed.
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