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Kylin bl [Modern Military Literature] (6th Dec 22 at 12:49am UTC)
Everyone knows Xia Minglang's personality. Baishui, judging from his words and deeds, has at least the following characteristics: intelligence, transparency, insight into people's hearts, and rich experience. Therefore, when Baishui received Xia Minglang's case, he already understood the huge firewall on the patient, which was not even the patient's subjective will, but originated from the constraints of national law and military discipline, and all well-intentioned and malicious intrusions would be severely blocked out of the door. Indeed, from the standpoint of a normal psychologist, Whitewater is very irresponsible. But the question is, is Baishui Xia Minglang's psychologist? Or does he have that qualification? Does he deserve it? Obviously, he didn't. With an identity like Xia Minglang, it is a big taboo to hypnotize him with a little drug, not to mention psychological interference. The Chinese Army sent Xia Minglang here simply to give up drugs (Chinese military circles have always ignored the psychological problems of soldiers, alas). If Baishui poses as a psychologist, whether he does well or not, it is a kind of transcendence in itself. As long as he shows this sign, he will receive a stern warning from Xia Minglang and the Chinese Army: Boy,impact beam tubes, see clearly what your identity is, mind your own business! However, on the one hand, Baishui is a doctor, he also wants his patients to be better, on the other hand, Xia Minglang is the person his wife wants, his wife needs a lively Xia Minglang,precision welded tubes, not a sick seedling. Xia Minglang's psychological damage is so obvious that it has even affected drug treatment. Without a little psychological intervention and comfort, it is likely that even detoxification is not good. So what should Whitewater do in this situation? Jump on and move Xia Minglang with true love? Or, with the conventional way to spend a lot of effort, whether you accept this feeling or not, I at least have a clear conscience? If he does this, he is obviously not clever. Initially, on the helicopter, Baishui has discovered the unusual intimate relationship between Xia Minglang and Lu Zhen (not referring to adultery, but also friendship, in fact, Baishui does not care about this). The contrast between Xia Minglang's strong vigilance against foreign objects and his strong dependence on Lu Zhen is very obvious. So, there is a way, that is to use Lu Zhen. As a result, we will find a strange phenomenon: it is reasonable to say that Baishui is Xia Minglang's doctor, but he is more patient and thoughtful to Lu Zhen, Cold Drawn Tubes ,stainless steel 304 pipes, and communicates more closely. Unconsciously, Lu Zhen seemed to have become the microphone of Baishui, and most of the medical plans were relayed by him to Xia Minglang. The opportunity for Baishui and Xia Minglang to communicate in person is almost zero. They seem to be quarreling forever, arguing with each other and ignoring each other. Why is this happening? Baishui is not a hot temper, is Xia Minglang particularly annoying to him? And Xia Minglang although the person is in the disease, but really the mood is not controlled to, even the doctor wants to choke three points, so do not know the point of good or bad? Of course not. It's just that both of them are hinting at each other's position. One said, "Don't come over.". One said, "Don't worry, I won't come.". Of course, Baishui's special attention to Lu Zhen moved Lu Zhen greatly, and then decided that the other party was a good man, which was purely an accident. (Hey..) Xia Minglang is like a married man, not to say that you are sincere, you can love each other, this is not a matter of intention, this is a matter of responsibility, is the identity of the position. In the face of this particular patient. Ordinary doctors are like admirers, who step over the line at first, hit a few nails that are neither soft nor hard and bounce back, and come and go to understand where the line is. A second-rate doctor is like an infatuated man who can't figure out the situation all the time and clings to him, which makes people feel that he is good to him. From the very beginning, Baishui knew where his stage was and how big it was. He offered flowers to Buddha and did not cross the line. (However, this brother is too clear, but let Xia Minglang full of suspicion. But that's another story.) Ok, now back to the most basic, Xia Mingming vs. Baishui, not the patient vs. the doctor's point of view. Would it be strange if Baishui pursued Xia Minglang to trust him? And if Xia Minglang really trusted him, it would be a collapse. The two of them should be like now, each other's tacit deep water confrontation, this is the way the two old demons should get along.
At this moment, Xia Minglang really needs a person who is proficient in drug rehabilitation and psychology, understands his current psychological and physiological state, can prescribe the right medicine, can let him put down his guard, understand all his secrets, can communicate with him unreservedly, and at the same time does not violate any national law and military discipline, and will not betray the soldier's oath. Does this kind of person exist? Does not exist. But Lu Zhen's emotional comfort + Baishui's professional assistance may be as close as possible to this goal. So, don't say I deliberately want to bully the captain God horse, realistic and reasonable premise, I really have given Xia Minglang the best. This work originates from Jinjiang Literature City. Welcome to visit the to watch more good works. Chapter 311 10 (I) 11. There is no need for a special medical plane on the return trip. Xia Minglang and Lu Zhen use a false identity to take an international flight from the Bahamas back to Egypt, where they are met by a young Middle Eastern man. Indifferent and taciturn, he picked up a few people in a hospital and took them overland into Kasunya. The people in this car did not look like good people. Their alert eyes showed the past of licking blood at the tip of a knife. They nodded and said hello to each other without more communication. Xia Minglang was so happy and quiet that he leaned on Lu Zhen's shoulder and closed his eyes to rest all the way, looking like he had not recovered from a serious injury. Lu Zhen naturally stretched out his arm to encircle him, and the occasional drug addiction attack passed without any trace. Lu Zhen, after all,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, is better than Xia Minglang's spirit. When he is bored during the journey, he also listens to a few ears to chat. It is estimated that they are all mercenaries who are fighting in Kasunia. Maybe they are also Haimo's companions. Lu Zhen now thinks of the sea girl that plain boiled water husband on the head big, naturally does not have the slightest desire to chat up.
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