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Jiangshan Meiren Zhi (complete fine collation) (6th Dec 22 at 12:39am UTC)
Sodema looked with heartache at the newly born lambs in front of her. She saw that as long as they survived the spring famine, they would grow fat and strong in summer and autumn. But now.. they had to leave them behind and set foot on the road to the west. They could not survive such a long journey, and they did not know how long they would leave here? I heard that the Tanghe people in the east are coming, but the Tanghe people themselves have seen it. Although those Tanghe businessmen are crafty, they are still faithful. Over the past few years, they have brought many changes to their family's life. Mellow tea, strong knife wine and snow-white salt are all necessary for the family. They have been enriched in the past two years. Even in previous years, silk and porcelain, which were as expensive as gold, slowly entered the owner's home, although it was impossible to enjoy those things in his own home, but it also gave people a glimmer of hope that the price of horses and leather was getting more and more affordable, and that the Tanghe merchants did not know what evil they had done, and in the past two years they had almost bought all the extra horses in the clan. Apart from breeding mares and foals, there were almost no horses left in the clan,Nail production machine, but the price offered by the Tanghe merchants was really cost-effective, so it was much more cost-effective to raise horses than sheep, but now, alas! Thinking of this, Sodema could not help sighing,Nail machine supplier, this season is in vain, how can those Tanghe people suddenly remember to occupy their own people's land? Don't Tanghe people never raise sheep? Is it going to suddenly change? Sodema did not understand the joint, but she knew that this forced migration caused a lot of losses to their family. Her husband and eldest son were recruited by their master. They heard that they were going to fight with the Tanghe people. Why did they have to move since they were going to fight? Sodema didn't like war at all. When she fought, she not only worried about her husband and son day and night. Although she believed that her husband and son were the best warriors, she preferred to stay with them. She preferred to work at sunrise and rest at sunset. But it was not up to her. The master's call could not be refused unless the whole family fled. Sodema dared not think any more. Jiangshan Meirenzhi Chapter 2 Qi Swallows Thousands of Miles Chapter 1 Cao Ge Section 15 Westward Migration [Encounter in Section 16 of the main text] Just when Sodema was worried about her husband and son, hundreds of miles away Zhebu could not feel his wife's concern at this time. At this time, he was trying to open his eyes and watch the long dragon that was advancing in front of him. Yes, it was the army of Tanghe people. They were striding westward. Zhebu silently counted the baggage cars passing by in the distance. The towering carriage was full of grain and other supplies. It had already passed six cars, and it was still coming up in a steady stream. I couldn't see the end at a glance. It seemed that the owner was right. Tanghe people were really ready to do a big job this time. With so much grain and supplies, it looked like they were going to stay on the grassland for a long time. The speed of those guys walking is not slow, hiding in the flank of the shallow hill Zhebu team are silent ambush in this undulating low ditch, Nail machine supplier ,Nail machine manufacturer, both sides are a person high beam, half a person deep in the yellow grass is a good place to hide, Zhebu led the scouts hidden here, together with his son a total of ten people, is exactly the full number of a scout team. With the help of the terrain, Zhe Bie and his companions quietly observed the past team, this is probably the northwest Tanghe people in the army Gaoyue army, as expected, walking speed is very fast, four can not catch up with the carriage, but much faster than ordinary people marching speed, and heard that endurance is much better than ordinary people. A figure quietly ran up from behind, "Dad, there seems to be a Tanghe scout horse coming out on the left, and it's coming towards us." "Oh?"? Did you find us? Zhebu knew it was his eldest son, Chi Shu, and slanted his head and asked. Not yet, but they're heading this way. They're searching very carefully. At the rate they're searching now, it won't be long before they find us. Chi Shu had just turned sixteen, and his childish face was full of excitement. It was his first time to take part in such a formal mission. He was nervous with a trace of expectation, looking forward to the first war in his life.
"Well, don't worry, you go and keep watch, and let me know when you're two miles away from us." Zhebu looked at his son with encouraging eyes and patted him heavily on the shoulder to cheer him up. "Tanghe people are no big deal. Even if they find us, they can't catch up with us. Our task this time is not to fight with them face to face. Their riding skills are still short of a heat." Responsible for the search of this area is a scout team of the first division of the Tengger Corps directly under the brigade, more than 30 riding fast horses into two search teams to move forward in a fan shape, one after the other, the cold in the early spring night, but for the scouts who have long been accustomed to carrying out this kind of night reconnaissance mission, this is nothing. Much harder than this, they have survived the same winter nights of ice and snow many times. Zavari skillfully knocked the horse's belly with his toes and took a few steps forward. A signal was sent from the left side to discover the situation. As the leader of the scouts, he had to go and see what was going on. The two scouts had lit torches and were looking carefully at the traces on the ground. Zavari leaned off his horse and bent down to look carefully at the hoof prints on the ground by the light of the fire. The messy hoof prints trampled the withered grass on the ground in a mess. It seemed that there was nothing unusual, but the experienced Zavari immediately saw something unusual from the horseshoe nails in the hoof prints. Captain, it's the cavalry of the Mott people. Yes,Coil nail machine, this kind of horseshoe is only used by the Mott people. It's thin in front and heavy in back, which is convenient for long-distance galloping. It's quite different from the horseshoe prints of the merchants. You can see that this dark line is exclusive to the famous iron shop of the Mott people, the Rockwell Iron Shop. It is said that almost all the cavalry of Mott are there. A scout pointed to the hoof print and reported it to Zavari with an excited grin. The scout licking his thick lips seemed to be fantasizing about whether the discovery would give him a reward.
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