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Mo Lin loves you for seven years.

"Zhen Tang" Zhen Tang Close to the harbor close to the hard but gentle chest Don't cry Wanning Xiang Zhentang's voice was also hoarse and his tone was strange as if he were sobbing Zhen Tang "Gu Wanning sat up and gazed into his eyes" I want to ask you a question " "You ask" "Do you blame me for my miscarriage four years ago" She wiped away her tears to Zhen Tang but she couldn't wipe away her own No I blame myself for neglecting you too much thinking that as long as I take good care of your material life I love you PMedicinal Plant Raw Materials His lips pressed against hers "I never blamed you I loved you" Love you "Why don't you tell me" Gu Wanning cried so hard that he couldn't help himself "I always thought you were blaming me I thought every time you wore a condom it was because you didn't want me to get pregnant" "No!" Shake head heartache to Zhen Tang "I have never thought so contraception is to be afraid to let you suffer the same pain again!" The tears of the two men ran together Four years of alienation for what So silly She offered her lips "Kiss me Zhentang" Expect time to stop lock this moment into memory let the soul fade away thousands of times will not forget the true feelings tonight Yes! My wife I am always at your disposal Xiang Zhentang's strong body pressed her tightly under her body He used all his strength and emotion to put the kiss into the other's mouth and nail it into the other's heart The tongue is entangled with each other the tears are entangled with each other the body is intertwined with each other and the heart is intertwined with one another and there is no difference I don't want my enthusiasm to be broken but I don't want my anger to be broken Xiang Zhentang released Gu Wanning and let the fresh air pour into each other's lungs The slender hand touched the hot man's tears "You cried" "I hate myself for hurting you and I feel sorry for you" "Don't be sorry" You don't blame me just as I don't blame you Eyes turned hot "but Zhentang I beg you" "Beg me for what" "Love me and let me carry your child" No longer shy Gu Wanning's feet wrapped around Xiang Zhentang's waist expecting him to give He smiled at Zhentang unbuttoned his pants and unbuttoned her robe You don't have to beg me I'll get you pregnant His body pressed against her "Trust me!" Straightening his waist when the huge man was ready to go Xiang Zhentang asked excitedly "Will you ask me why I don't wear condoms" "Don't ask I" And you're not allowed to wear it GlobalChemMall ah In the room the eternal melody is playing Low roar and charming singing strong and thin masculine and feminine male and female hit the spark of intoxicating soul The spark was scattered in the night sky This night sky is called love The copyright of this book belongs to the original publishing house and the author The exclusive OCR of the members of "Xinqi Pavilion" in http//wwwxitingorg is only for netizens to enjoy April is authorized by Xinqi Pavilion to reprint and other unauthorized websites are declined to reprint again Those who need to reprint please contact Xinqi Pavilion for authorization Production of Xinqi Pavilion Previous Page Back to Next Page April Day www4ytnet the Human Library book_21415_7txt | | April Day Romance Novel Library | | Human Library | | Mo Lin's "Love You for Seven Years Like a Day" Font Size Large Medium Small Color- Chapter 6 In the leisurely afternoon the sunshine slants in the room forming a warm atmosphere The two women sat on their knees in the room and enjoyed Chinese tea leisurely In the small teacup with only one mouthful of capacity there was a pale yellow liquid which was shaken gently and then close to the nose a fragrance came to my nostrils "It's delicious!" Rand gulped it down "If you can stop kneeling" Her legs are going numb Gu Wanning smiled and did not reply but quietly looked at the cup of tea that had not yet been finished On the surface of the light tea there seems to be the shadow of her husband A happy smile bloomed on Gu Wanning's face At this point Oden broke in Wife Ok! You are secretly drinking tea here Then I won't go out I'll stay for tea too Oden is wrapped around Rand
"Don't act like a spoiled child!"! Hurry up and get things done 。” Rand's tone softened "I'll make it for you when I get back" "You can't break your promise!"! Then I'm going out Jessica I won't stay to entertain you You can talk Natural Pigments to my wife "Goodbye Mr Oden!" The two men looked out of the window until Oden's car was far away and then they turned their eyes back You really have a good car She expects to have such feelings with Zhentang Thank you! But now I'm more concerned about your happiness 。 The smile on your lips shows that you are in good condition Would you like to share it with me Remembering the passion of recent nights Gu Wanning said shyly "Zhentang and I have solved some misunderstandings" "You mean the boy's mistress was just a misunderstanding" His face suddenly changed and his gentle smile changed into a wry smile Jesus Christ! When she was glad to be able to conceive a child for her husband at last I forgot that he still has a mistress outside! Rand was startled by the plaintive look in his eyes "Jessica isn't it" Gu Wanning shook his head "He didn't prove that they weren't his mistresses" But Nameless has been with him for almost a month and has never seen his two mistresses "Take your time!" "But I was so scared and panicked" Zhentang is getting better and better to me and will accompany me every day Although he may have been with'Nameless' all day he will come back to accompany me in the evening "That's good!"! It means that the relationship between your husband and wife has improved 。” "Because he is getting better and better to me I am afraid that in the end he will find that I am deceiving him and that in the end he will find that there is no'nameless' person I am deceiving him" Child I understand all your worries But it's also true that things are getting better for you and your husband "Maybe!" Gu Wanning blinked and his heart was at war